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We enjoyed your hospitality. The original reception. The delicious bread. The special building that radiates history. In short, a B & B Hotel with cachet. Good starting point for all directions.
Gemma and Erik van Duyn, Terneuzen

Nicole, thank you for the good care! The hospitality! Wonderful beds and good breakfast! In short, great!
Goes and Helma

Dear ladies, better than here it can not be. That applies to all fronts.
Truus van Wiggen

What a great location for groups! Nice living room, great dining room and very nice to cook together. Delicious breakfast! Thank you for the good care!
Claudia of the Togt

A beautiful house, nice rooms, nice location. Friendly owners. Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend!
Jan and Marga van de Togt

Many, many thanks. A little prey of heaven!
Loraine Kelly

A super stay for a large group! We were warmly welcomed and immediately felt at home. Certainly a place where we would like to come back again. Thank you for all the good care!! Lots of love.
Michel & Belinda and the rest of the group.

After dinner at the Vlindertuin to the B & B Hoeve de Vredenhof. It is a perfect connection!
Jan Hoogers

Dear hostesses. Why not hand out 2 x 5 stars … but 5 with a golden border for the cordial welcoming reception, the comfortable guest rooms, the atmosphere in the house and garden, for the various recommendations outdoors. And certainly also for an unsurpassed rich, varied breakfast. Our wish: that you and your guests stay happy in this Peaceful Court.
14 x Runner + Emmy and Erik

The East Frisians were here. Delicious breakfast! Everything great! Thanks a lot!

Very beautiful and cosy B & B! Thank you for the comfortable room and delicious breakfast! Such a lovely stay!
Karrie, Kiev and Aria, Ontario, Canada

It was a real pleasure to stay here. The connection with B & B d’Ouwe Grutter in Wagenberg is exceptional. A small world.
Greetings, Peter

It was amazing! Really a nice B & B. Definitely worth repeating!
Thanks, Tineke and Renate

Ladies, thank you very much for everything and what a privilege to stay in my ancestors’ house! Dear greeting and goodbye!
Marlies ter Stege

We came to the Vredenhof to walk the Pieterpad. What have we enjoyed your hospitality and what is it beautiful at the Vredenhof. We will definitely come back again! Thank you for your good care. It was great! Good luck with this beautiful B & B. Extra thanks for your pick-up and return service and your tips for restaurants! In short, a big thick plume.
Greetings from John and Carda, Dave and Tamara. The Westlanders.

Thanks for the hospitality. Your B & B is a great location for snapping (with butterflies and stars), steps (3rd stage!), starting the motor bike from 1969 (with a safe parking lot).
Wim and Jantina

We arrived a little bit tired after a long and warm Pieterpad walk. But we ended up in a warm ‘bath’, lovely rooms and a fantastic breakfast. It was enjoying yourself!
Rob and Lian Jacobs