Information about our accommodation



It is possible to check in between 4 and 6 pm. Can you let us know what time you expect to arrive at Hoeve De Vredenhof? We are not present as standard and do not have a reception.


On the day of departure, you can check out between 08:30 and 11:00 AM. Adjusted check-out times are of course possible in consultation.


During your reservation you have made a deposit of 30% of the total amount. We ask you to pay the remaining amount upon arrival. You can pay with us with your debit card, credit card or cash.

Hikers and cyclists (do not use navigation)

At the front of our building (De Millystraat 15), opposite the snack bar, is the entrance to our B&B. You will find a bell at the green farm (banner) doors.

Parking (don’t use navigation)

You can park behind the B&B for free. From the village you drive past the B&B, take the first road on the right, after 100 meters turn right again (dead end). This is a winding road and you drive until you come to the right (not left into the woods) on a vacant lot, there you turn right and at the end right again. Here you can park your car. There you will see a garden door, which gives access to the garden of the B&B. There is a bell in the breakfast room. If you call we will come and check you in.

Breakfast times

Breakfast is between 8:30 and 10:00 am.

Rest and relaxation

We are an accommodation for rest and relaxation and kindly ask you to be considerate of the other guests. Our house rule is that it is quiet in the rooms, in the common areas and in the garden from 10:30 PM.

Non smoking

All indoor areas and the garden of our property are non-smoking.


Our accommodation is not suitable for children under 6 years old.


Bringing your pet(s) is not allowed with us.

Bicycle rental

We have our own 4 bicycles with gears. The costs for renting a bicycle are €8.50 per bicycle per day. If you wish to make use of this, please contact us in advance so that we can check availability and record your reservation.


The rules of Koninklijke Horeca Nederland apply to canceling your reservation, which you can find here. We request that you contact us by email if you wish to cancel your reservation.

Walking Pieterpad

The Pieterpad is the most famous long-distance walking route in the Netherlands. The route runs from Pieterburen on the Groningen Wadden coast to Sint-Pietersberg near Maastricht and has a length of 492 kilometers, divided into 26 stages. The route leads through the most diverse landscapes and is maintained by the Nivon. The Pieterpad is marked in the field with the internationally renowned white-red markings of long-distance footpaths (LAW).

Source: de Volkskrant (2023)

Routes Pieterpad from our accommodation

From Bed & Breakfast Hotel Hoeve De Vredenhof you can walk five stages of the Pieterpad.

Stage 1: Pieterburen – Winsum
Good public transport connection, so you can drive to Pieterburen yourself by car; walk to Winsum and then by public transport (bus) back to your car in Pieterburen.

Stage 2: Winsum – Groningen
Good public transport connection, so you can drive to Winsum yourself by car; walking to Groningen and then by public transport (train) back to your car in Winsum.

Stage 3: Groningen – Zuidlaren
Good public transport connection, so you can take public transport (bus) from Zuidlaren (bus stop 150 meters away) to Groningen and then walk back to Zuidlaren.

Stage 4: Zuidlaren – Rolde
From Monday to Saturday there is a good public transport connection between Zuidlaren and Rolde, for more information see Use Bus stop Brink Zuidlaren and Bus stop Grote Brink Rolde as points of departure and arrival. You can also look for pre-booking the Hubtaxi. For more information visit the Hubtaxi website.

Stage 5: Rolde – Schoonloo
Good public transport connection, so you can drive to Rolde by car yourself; walk to Schoonloo and then take public transport (bus) back to your car in Rolde.